Legian Village Hotel is a Budget Hotel, at an affordable rate for the Budget Tourist, we offer complete facilities: Laundry Service, Money Changer, Restaurant & Bar, Swimming Pool, Beauty Salon and Free Wifi. Other Guest's need can be found nearby the hotel, just a short walk away, such as: shops, Supermarket, Entertainment Centre, ATM/Bank , etc.

Legian Village Hotel is located in the heart of Legian , one of Bali's best-known often known as "Kampung Bule" Westeners village where western culture meet local culture in harmony. Legian is part of Kuta district, one of our most famous Tourist destinations, with creamy waves usually stretching in either direction, is only a short 200 metres walk away to reach Legian beach.

The Hotel is split into two areas by the local street ( Jalan Padma ). The North Wing ( JONI I ) is the main precinct and has its own Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Beauty Salon/Spa, while the South Wing ( JONI II ) is separated across the street, and requires a short walk to reach the Lobby and the Restaurant which is located at the North wing ( JONI I ), both North Wing (Joni I) and South Wing (Joni 2) have the Swimming Pool.

Legian Village Hotel is close to the hustle and bustle of Kuta but far enough away for a peaceful stay. It is only 200 meters to Legian Beach, 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, and half an hour's short drive to Denpasar, the Capital City of Bali.Its only stone's throw from shopping complex, art market , cafes and other place of entertainment.

We are proud to offer you through the Management and Staff of our Hotel , Balinese Hospitality and service of a standard to make you feel like you never left home. Our guests who usually become our friends, usually say when leaving, "Until We Meet Again", which translates very easily into Indonesian " Sampai Jumpa Lagi". We look forward to being able to provide you with a memorable holiday in Bali - " The Island Of the Gods" .

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